Ministry of Health
December 05, 2022

The Ministry of Health has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Southern Africa Tuberculosis and Health Systems Support (SATBHSS) Project and intends to apply part of the proceeds towards the consulting services for the engagement of a suitably qualified and experienced consulting firm to Consultancy To develop an Electronic Document Management System for Occupational Health and Safety Institute (OHSI)

The consulting services (“the Services”) include undertaking the following

specific objectives:

  1. Develop the Document Management System with functionalities for uploading, indexing, searching and retrieving digital client files
  2. Install the system on the local server and make it accessible on the local network
  3. Train and transfer the required knowledge to OHSI ICT Staff in the source code programming language to allow them to make further improvements or changes to the system
  4. Carry out corrective and adaptive maintenance during and after the digitisation exercise in order to improve the system when necessary
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