June 26, 2020


Question 1: Do we need to submit the application using a specific template?

RESPONSE: No, there is no template to complete when submitting your application to become PR for the TIMS grant. You, however, are advised to provide the requested information in the required format and page limits as per section 5 of the RFP.

Question 2: Could you via the RCM please confirm whether applications are restricted to NGOs/NPOs as per section 4.2 of the RFP?

RESPONSE: Applications are not restricted to NGOs/NPOs..  PRs of Global Fund grants can be local and legal entities from the public or private sector or civil society. Locally incorporated international non-governmental organizations are considered local stakeholders and are acceptable as PRs. 

Question 3: One of the documents required for submission are performance letters. Could you kindly explain what this document entails?

RESPONSE: If you are implementing a Donor Funded Grant, you are required to submit periodic progress reports to the Donor to which you receive feedback on the performance of the grant, including its rating.  The RCM is requesting you to attach this feedback to your application for all the grants you will mention as part of the experience of your organisation.

For example, following a Progress Update and Disbursement Request (PUDR) or a Progress Update (PU) to the Global Fund, a Performance Letter is issued to the Principal Recipient outlining issues arising from the Global Fund Secretariat’s review of the Progress Update/Disbursement Request, recommended actions to address these issues, and a timeline for completion. This also includes rating of the performance of the grant.

Selection Criteria:
1) Technical Expertise: Demonstrated experience in management of projects in the health sector of substantial size and scope and have expertise in the strategic components indicated in the introduction. Demonstrated engagement with Strengthening Coordination of TB Care and Prevention in the mining sector in Southern Africa. Prior experience implementing Global Fund projects will be considered an added advantage, but it is not essential. [25 points]

2) Financial Management: Have adequate internal financial control systems and capacity to make timely procurements and payments and to accurately report all transactions, disbursements and balances; be able to adhere to standard practices that safeguard Global Fund financial and physical assets; agree to be subjected to financial and program audits. [20 points]

3) Management and Oversight: Have a structure that demonstrates effective organizational governance and leadership with clear division of functions and tasks; have policies and practices that support effective management of human resources, engages routinely in planning and have systems of control to verify that activities are being carried out in conformity with plans and are accomplishing intended goals through a strong monitoring and evaluation system. [20 points]

4) Coordination: Demonstrate plan for coordinating program implementation with other public, private and civil society actors in the SADC Region, including monitoring and accountability. Describe approach to complement and link with the SADC Secretariat, formal health system and community. [20 points]
5) Physical and IT Infrastructure: Have adequate infrastructure (i.e. physical, material, and technical resources for staff) and computerized management information systems and internet in place for timely e-transactions, communications and financial and program/project reporting. [15 points]
Note: Selected PR(s) will be subjected to final screening and evaluation by the Local Fund Agent (LFA) of the Global Fund to ensure that it has minimum capacities to perform the required functions.

Interested firms who meet the selection criteria should submit their applications to the RCM Chairperson through the RCM Secretariat by email on or before Friday, 26 June 2020 17:00 hours (South African Time).
The Chairperson
Regional Coordinating Mechanism
TB in the Mining Sector in Southern Africa Global Fund grant
All applications must be marked “Call for Applications: Principal Recipient for the TB in The Mining Sector In Southern Africa Grant - 2021-2023” in the subject line of the email.


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