Senior Management Team (SMT) from Ministry of Health recently visited SATBHSSP impact areas. The visit was aimed at enabling the SMT to interact with districts and appreciate the activities being implemented.

The team visited Mzimba North, Rumphi, Blantyre and Nsanje Districts where among others they went to Zunguziwa Quarry; Zingwangwa Health Centre; Lime Company Limited; Makata Health Centre; Makata iron mine; Tengani Health Centre; Kalemba Health Centre, a Christian Health Association in Malawi (CHAM) facility; Makwalo quarry; and Sorgin Health Centre.

Through the visit the SMT was briefed that the Project activities have helped Districts in a number of ways including:

  • improved management and follow up of drug resistant Tuberculosis cases;
  • increased tuberculosis notification and cure rate;
  • improved engagement and involvement of community structures on tb related issues;
  • distribution of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials to health facilities and mining institutions for general awareness on      TB;
  • defaulters being brought back to treatment after being followed up;
  • districts have been equipped with laptops, desk top computers, projectors, and motorcycles;
  • improved disbursement of funds which has contributed to faster implementation;
  • improved welfare for mine workers as companies have been sensitized on the need to provide their workers with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
  • revamping of community sputum collection points;
  • improved concordance rate of 90% and above in microscopy sites;
  • improved data quality resulting from mentorship and supervision.



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